• Our veneers are raw, unspliced, not backed or prefinished.
  • Standard thickness is ~1/42" thick (~0.023") unless specified otherwise.
  • Photos are representations only - please contact us for specific availability.
  • Widths and lengths vary just as individual logs vary.
  • Sheets are sold full length, not cut to size.
  • Lengths are represented as: SHORTS (3 ft long or less), FURNITURE LENGTH (3-8 ft long), and PANEL LENGTH (8 ft or longer).
  • Prices are per square foot and subject to our discounts.
  • Please call us to place an order only requests for information can be submitted online.

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Discount Policy

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There are special prices for multi-thousand square foot quantities and full flitches or full pallets. Contact our sales department for more details.


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  • Uninsured returns may result in loss of value due to damage in return shipment.


  • Wood is a natural product with many complex and varied properties. The customer assumes full liability for all conditions arising out of the use of our products and is responsible for knowing these properties and their impact before ordering.
  • Photographs are representations only. The actual wood has natural variations.
  • Under no circumstances will Certainly Wood be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or other damages based on any use of any of our products, including, but not limited to, lost profits or business interruption even if Certainly Wood has been specially advised of the possibility of such damages.
  • Certainly Wood shall not be liable in any way and assumes no responsibility for the final suitability of our products for any intended purpose, nor for any health conditions or accidents that arise during use of our woods.
  • MSDS sheet available upon request or on our Downloads page.
  Exotic Veneers

Acacia   » See Veneers
Acacia erioloba; Country of origin: Chile
Afrormosia   » See Veneers
Yellow brown, straight grain
Anigre, Fiddleback   » See Veneers
Intense fiddleback figure
Anigre, Flat Cut   » See Veneers
Nondescript, sand color
Anigre, Mottled   » See Veneers
Mottle figure on sandy background
Anigre, Quartered   » See Veneers
Sand color with no figure and mild grain
Applewood   » See Veneers
Similar to pearwood with a little more blush, flat cut and quarters
Ash, Olive   » See Veneers
European ash with contrasty olive areas
Avodire, Quartered Figured   » See Veneers
Creamy yellow, even texture with mottle figure
Beech, European   » See Veneers
Quartered with tiny button pattern on a salmon color background
Beech, European White   » See Veneers
Slightly off-white color with quarters showing a tiny button pattern figure
Black Limba   » See Veneers
Dusky gold background with grey and black "marble cake" grain and a subtle shimmer figure - attractively different from most woods
Bloodwood   » See Veneers
Blood red striped, hardwood
Bubinga, Pommele   » See Veneers
Large rose color sheets with a mix of “boiling” quilt and dime-size welts
Bubinga, Qtd.   » See Veneers
Plain or mottled, rose pink with straight purple grain lines
Cedar, Spanish   » See Veneers
The connoisseur's choice for lining fine cigar humidors
Chestnut, European   » See Veneers
Tawny brown with flowing central cathedrals and straight edge grain
Chestnut, European Qtd.   » See Veneers
Tawny brown with tight, straight grain.
Cocobolo   » See Veneers
Fiery red and orange with darker grain markings
Dyed Veneer   » See Veneers
Poplar dyed bright red, blue, green, yellow or black and costello and sap gum dyed black
Ebony, Amara, Quartered   » See Veneers
Quartered Amara ebony
Ebony, Macassar, Quartered   » See Veneers
Straight to marble grain patterns
Ebony, Royal (White Ebony)   » See Veneers
Although the same genus/species as the traditional Macassar ebony we carry (Diospyros celebica), this flitch from Laos displays a unique and unusual creamy white/yellow background. The stark contrast offered within this section will make a brilliant accent to your next project.
Eucalyptus, Bee's Wing   » See Veneers
Butterscotch color with shades of toffee and caramel in a strong "chiclet" mottled figure pattern
Eucalyptus, Pommele   » See Veneers
Tightly packed, marble-size "welts" accent the light rose color in this unusual variation of eucalyptus.
Gogo   » See Veneers
Light orange with slight figure
Goncalo Alves (aka Tigerwood)   » See Veneers
Rare as veneer, high lustre, colorful exotic wood
Imbuya   » See Veneers
Olive green with pronounced brown "fudge swirl"
Imbuya, Pommele   » See Veneers
Olive, brown and gold color with lively quilting and pommele figure
Ipe, Qtd. (Ebony verte)   » See Veneers
Ebony verte — Deep green-brown shimmering “broken ribbon” figure
Iroko (African Teak)   » See Veneers
African teak — Oil-free substitute for teak
Jatoba   » See Veneers
Brazilian cherry — Resembles a red teak
Kewazinga / Waterfall bubinga   » See Veneers
Waterfall bubinga — Very exaggerated large rolling quilt-like waves crashing in an ocean of pink champagne
Kingwood   » See Veneers
Vivid purple veins on a cream color background
Koto   » See Veneers
Pterygota macrocarpa; Country of origin: West Africa
Lacewood   » See Veneers
Salmon color and silvery sheen with attractive button pattern
Larch (European)   » See Veneers
Like yellow pine with bolder orange and cream striping, flat cut and quartered
Larch, Fumed   » See Veneers
Aged to a rich brown using a fuming process
Laurel, East Indian   » See Veneers
Chocolate brown heartwood with varied darker streaks
Lemonwood   » See Veneers
Dense, close-grained lemon color wood — Makes a nice accent
Louro Preto   » See Veneers
Mellow brown cousin of bocote, has exotic black veining
Mahogany, Drapé, South American (Swietenia)   » See Veneers
Swietenia — Exaggerated curl figure that looks like folds in fabric. One of true mahogany's most prized revelations.
Mahogany, Flat Cut, South American (Swietenia)   » See Veneers
Mahogany, Fiddleback, African (Khaya)   » See Veneers
Quarter cut African mahogany with a strong fiddleback figure
Mahogany, Figured   » See Veneers
Intense mottle to bee's wing figure
Mahogany, Flat Cut, African (Khaya)   » See Veneers
Khaya — Reddish brown and a bit coarser than South American mahogany
Mahogany, Quartered Figured, African (Khaya)   » See Veneers
Khaya — Ribbon grain over mottle figure
Mahogany, Quartered Figured, South American (Swietenia)   » See Veneers
Swietenia — Figured stripe over reddish-brown background
Mahogany, Quartered, African (Khaya)   » See Veneers
Khaya — Reddish brown, straight stripe
Mahogany, Quartered, South American (Swietenia)   » See Veneers
Swietenia — Quarter cut, reddish brown
Mahogany, Santos (aka Cabriuva)   » See Veneers
Santos mahogany, also known as Cabriuva
Makore   » See Veneers
African cherry
Makore, Figured   » See Veneers
Vibrant mottled curl figure over the full width. Flat cut and quarters available.
Makore, Mottled   » See Veneers
Bold and uniform mottle figure, classic bright reddish-brown color
Makore, Pommele   » See Veneers
Makore, Pommele. This is one of those woods that really “POPS OUT” when you put the finish on, turning every inch into a boiling raspberry colored sea.
Makore, Quilted   » See Veneers
Fiery reddish-brown quilts
Maple, Curly English   » See Veneers
Light color with lively curl
Maple, English   » See Veneers
Light white to yellow
Mozambique, Qtd. (Tropical Olive)   » See Veneers
Tropical olive
Narra, Qtd. Figured   » See Veneers
Quarter cut Asian padauk with fiery reddish-orange color
Nyatoh   » See Veneers
Curly figure on reddish-brown background
Oak, English Brown   » See Veneers
Leathery shades of brown and tan with flake
Olive, Mediterranean   » See Veneers
Warm russet, tans, golds and browns — smells great too!
Padauk   » See Veneers
Bright golden orange stripe
Paldao   » See Veneers
Bright brown background with grey and black veins
Pearwood   » See Veneers
Rosy cream color and indistinct grain
Planetree, European   » See Veneers
Salmon colored with buttons and medullary rays
Prima Vera   » See Veneers
Blond mahogany — flat cut with a hint of figure
Purpleheart   » See Veneers
Nice even purple color
Rosewood, Brazilian   » See Veneers
A blend of brick red, brown and orange colors with conspicuous black lines
Rosewood, East Indian   » See Veneers
Stripy golden browns to rich purple
Rosewood, Honduran   » See Veneers
Golden red tones and less contrasty grain for a brighter effect
Rosewood, San Domingan   » See Veneers
More golden-red tones than East Indian rosewood with slightly less contrasting grain for a brighter effect
Rosewood, Santos (aka Pau Ferro)   » See Veneers
Dashing and colorful
Rosewood, Santos, Quartered (aka Pau Ferro)   » See Veneers
Quarter cut; dashing and colorful
Sapele   » See Veneers
Dark reddish brown with pronounced stripe
Sapele, Pommele   » See Veneers
Large, sound sheets with a uniform marble-size quilt coverage
Sapele, Quartered   » See Veneers
Dark reddish brown with pronounced stripe
Sapele, Quilted   » See Veneers
Sapele, Quilted
Satinwood, African Quartered   » See Veneers
A very bright yellow wood with a bold, wavy fiddleback figure.
Satinwood, Brazilian   » See Veneers
Light yellow to golden
Satinwood, Ceylon, Quartered   » See Veneers
Bright gold stripe with lively bee's wing figure
Sen   » See Veneers
A Japanese ash/elm with a silvery-tan heartwood color—a nice alternative to any grey elm needs
Sycamore, Fiddleback English   » See Veneers
Fiddleback figure
Tamarind, Fiddleback   » See Veneers
Intense fiddleback figure over a reddish-brown heartwood
Tamo   » See Veneers
Japanese quilted brown ash — Light tan with “peanut shell” figure.
Teak   » See Veneers
Golden brown color with black veins
Teak, Figured   » See Veneers
Curly or block mottle figure on golden browns with black veins
Teak, Quartered   » See Veneers
Golden brown color with black veins
Tineo   » See Veneers
Black lines through light rose background
Tulipwood   » See Veneers
Bold pink stripes on a cream colored background, smaller sizes
Walnut, Australian   » See Veneers
Attractive brown and gray striping — Strict supply end regulations limit the supply of this once popular veneer.
Walnut, Claro   » See Veneers
Jardin walnut — An American walnut similar to Claro walnut, grown in France, making it more refined. Tight, lustrous and downright lovely - one of the finest walnuts ever.
Walnut, French   » See Veneers
Milk chocolate color with darker veining
Walnut, Nogal (“Peruvian")   » See Veneers
Dark chocolate bar brown with occasional character marks
Wenge, Flat Cut   » See Veneers
Black and brown with coarse texture
Wenge, Quartered   » See Veneers
Black and brown stripes with coarse texture
Yew   » See Veneers
Orange brown with creamy sapwood and dark pips
Zebrawood   » See Veneers
Pronounced dark stripes on straw colored background
Ziricote   » See Veneers
In your wildest dreams, you can not imagine a more dramatic and beautiful grain pattern. It's full of darker brown and black "landscapes", "islands", and layers of hidden grain on a medium brown background.