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Green Veneers

Reconstituted zebrano

When North America's premier source for raw wood veneer adds an engineered real wood veneer product line there must be some compelling advantages.

Here are five reasons why you should consider Greenline Veneers for your next project:

  1. Greenline Veneers can provide extremely large sequences of clean, straight grain and uniform color and pattern. They look very much like wood species that normally won't supply large sequences.
  2. Greenline is a wise choice when cost, yield and time concerns outweigh species authenticity. They arrive spliced into large sheets at comparatively low cost.
  3. Greenline veneers are engineered from sustainable wood logs grown in well managed forests. They are truly a green choice that removes the supply burden from other less available species.
  4. Recent engineering and production advances have made Greenline composite veneers closer to the look and color of the “copied” wood than ever before. (We've helped the manufacturer better match the color and grain of a few species.)
  5. Greenline veneers are great for jobs where add-ons are expected at a later date because the color and grain pattern are consistent from pallet to pallet.

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