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Jim Carroll Is Retiring

Jim Carroll, 1998
Jim, 1998

Jim and I (James Dumas, owner) conspired to make Certainly Wood's 1996 Christmas party one to remember. Jim, who at the time was the sales manager of our closest competitor, knocked on the dining room door and asked, "Is this party exclusively for Certainly Wood employees?" Somewhat perplexed, those attending replied, "It is." Motioning to the two unoccupied chairs I had prearranged at the table, Jim said, "Then those chairs must be for Nancy and me." The initial confusion of those in the room transformed into excitement and happiness.

What followed was over 20 years of his friendship, dedication, hard work and good ideas. He has earned our gratitude and respect as well as the loyalty and friendship of so many customers. But the Carroll name won't leave Certainly Wood when Jim does. His son Daniel has been one of our sales representatives since 2002.

Jim was going to retire in July but an overcrowded schedule caused him to change his mind. He has moved his retirement up to this Friday, April 21!

The excitement and happiness of 20 years ago has slowly aged into a new kind of excitement for Jim and Nancy as they begin their retirement journey, and sadness for us - we'll really miss him.

Jim Carroll, 2017
Jim, 2017

Thank you, Jim.

Join us in wishing Jim and Nancy healthy and happy travels by emailing Jim at jim@certainlywood.com.